I was born in 1945 in Istanbul and graduated in 1968 from the Istanbul Economic Sciences Academy with a good degree. I became member of the Istanbul High Trade and Marmara University İ.İ.B.F. Alumni Association (member no 3313) I speak medium grade English. I began my working career as an intern in 1965. Between 1970 – 1991 I worked in various positions of accounting departments. I developed my work experience in various companies.

  In 1990 at the Turkey 9. Accounting Training symposium, where I participated as a panelist, my paper on “Using Computer in Accounting” has been published.

  I became a member (No 7503/4768) of the Istanbul Independent Accountants Financial Advisers Chamber in 1991 and established my own office. Until 31/12/2000 I was an Independent Accountant Financial Adviser.

  I participated to the Istanbul University Management Faculty “Cost Accounting” expertise program, Boğaziçi Eğitim İletişim Organizasyon Ltd. Şti “Free Zone Legislation and its Application in Turkey” seminar, preparation courses to the CPA Examination arranged by the TURMOB – TESMER Istanbul and Ankara branches at various stages. I participated to the preparation courses to the CPA examination prepared by the Istanbul and Ankara CPA Chambers.

  Passing the Certified Public Accountant examination in 2001 I became a Certified Public Accountant and registered as a member (no 1717) in the Istanbul Certified Public Accountants Chamber and I am working still as a Certified Public Accountant.

  In 2001 I registered as a member (register no 91345) of the Expert Accountants Association of Turkey.

  In 2001 I registered as a member (no 575) of the Institute of Internal Auditing-Turkey.

  In 2002 I registered as a member (no 397) to the Financial Advisers Association 2002.

  In 2003 I registered as a member (no 382) to the Accountants’ Scientific and Cultural Researches Publishing and Production Cooperative.

  In 2003 I registered as a member (no 1158837) to The Institute of Internal Auditors.

 From 2003 to 2014 I went to the second page of diploma photos.

 I became an Independent Auditor in 2014 by gaining the Independent Auditor's examination from the Supervisory Authority (KGK). I registered with KGK with 8191 registration number and I am currently working as a Certified Public Accountant & Independent Auditor

 In 2017 I became a partner at Pasifik Denetim ve Yeminli Mali Müşvarlik A.Ş.


İsmail Ekrem ERŞAHİN


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