A-Independent Auditing
  1. Audits of other companies requiring audits following international accounting standards (IAS), generally accepted accounting principles in USA (US GAAP) or generally accepted accounting principles current in the country of the parent company.
B-Tax Auditing and Ratifications
  1. Ratification of Corporate Tax Returns and Income Tax Returns
  2. Ratification of VAT Returns
  3. Ratification of revaluation of fixed assets and their addition to the capital
  4. Ratification of Investment Allowance
  5. Ratification of the accomplishment of the conditions required to profit from tax exemption of Foundations and R&D Firms and the continuance of tax exemption conditions.
  6. Ratification of the proceedings related to the corporation tax exceptions.
C- Valontuory Auditing
  1. Limited audits
  2. Special audits
  3. Internal audits
D- Consultancy Services (Continuous or transitory);
  1. Tax regulations
  2. Financial Law
  3. Commercial Code and its regulations
  4. Capital Market Code and its regulations
  5. Social security and business laws and their regulations
  6. Incentive regulations
  7. Tax affairs (conflicts)
  8. Free Trade Zone's regulations
  9. Foreign capital regulations
  10. Tourism regulations
  11. Regulations related with banking, insurance, non-interest banking and other financing matters
  12. Regulations related to the Turkish Foreign Exchange Regime
  13. Import-Export and Customs' regulations
E- Other Services
  1. Ratification reports of advertisement revenues of Higher Committee of Radio and Television (RTÜK)
  2. Report of out of charge from social security duties
  3. Inheritance Tax affairs
  4. Public Receivables' Collection Code affairs
  5. Feasibility Reports
  6. Arbitration
  7. Expertise
  8. Partnership affairs
  9. Conflict affairs
  10. Establishment and revise of accounting systems
  11. Financial analyses
  12. Consolidation accounting
  13. Public offering affairs
  14. Inflation accounting
  15. Establishment of internal control systems
  16. Restatement of financial statements following IAS or accounting standards of the related country
  17. Establishment of companies, branches or liaison offices
  18. Capital increase affairs
  19. Merging, Take-over and liquidation affairs
  20. Inventory valuations
  21. Returns of premiums from the Fund (KKDF)
  22. Determinations related with loans
  23. Stocks valuation reports